July 30, 2014

Academic Program

The ITS biblical studies program is structured especially to provide comprehensive training for those students who recognize the need for training in biblical studies to enrich their lives and ministries. Any student who completes one of the survey units (e.g. New Testament Literature I, II, and III) with a grade of ā€œCā€ or higher in each of the courses will be awarded a certificate of completion for that unit. Any course offered outside the survey units may be taken as an elective.

Old Testament Survey Unit

BI 101 Old Testament Literature I

BI 102 Old Testament Literature II

BI 103 Old Testament Literature III

BI 104 Old Testament Literature IV

BI 105 Old Testament Literature V

New Testament Survey Unit

BI 201 New Testament Literature I

BI 202 New Testament Literature I

BI 203 New Testament Literature III

Theology Survey Unit

TH 301 Theology Survey I

TH 302 Theology Survey II

TH 303 Theology Survey III

Ministries Skills Unit

MS 401 Bible Study Methods

MS 402 Principles of Teaching


BC 101 Biblical Counseling

TH 304 The Bible: from Creation to the Kingdom

Ministry Skills: Youth Ministry